Screen art

Over the past twelve months, students from the support unit and mainstream classes have been working on developing timber screens and artwork which run alongside Auckland Street. We have engaged community members and local organisations to help fund this program and provide mentoring to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Students have worked on every aspect of this project from developing proposals, constructing the screens and designing their own art pieces. They have been working with Lee Cruze every Thursday to develop these artworks, which have been applied to one of six screens. Once all artworks have been finished, the public will be able to learn about the whole process and the students’ learning experiences by scanning a QR code which will be attached to the adjoining fence. Using your iPhone, you will be able to scan the code and a story of the art piece will be displayed on your phone.

This program has been a great success for both the students, mentors and teachers, with everyone participating in different roles and learning new skills.

A big thank you to Katungal, Jay Hill (Deputy ICC Manager, Queanbeyan Indigenous Coordination Centre), Lee Cruze (Local Indigenous Artist), the trade team at Bega Mitre 10, Rebecca Perry (SLSO Bega High School), Mat Parbery (SLSO Bega High School) Matt Collins (teacher) and Jessica Harris (Head Teacher, Special Education Bega High School). Without their contributed efforts this program would not be possible.

Contributed by Bega High School published in 2015.