Student AECG established at Bega High

Recently, all Aboriginal Bega High students came together to make a Junior AECG (Aboriginal Educational Consultative Group).

Our aim for the Junior AECG is to make a difference and to make a positive change in the school for years to come.

The first major task of the Junior AECG is to coordinate the NAIDOC Week activities. This will include Indigenous games at Bega Valley Public school, a celebration day with an assembly, art and sport activities and a league tag game.

The Junior AECG members as voted in by their peers are:

Year 7

  • Shakira Smith
  • Josephine Stewart
  • Makahla Douglas
  • Apanee Smith
  • Jessie Ecroyd

Year 8

  • Lawrence Davis
  • Andy Darnell

Year 9

  • Merindah Thomas
  • Nadine McLucas
  • Lincoln Callaghan

Year 10

  • Kerri-Ann Perry
  • Janaija Parsons
  • Emma Hawker
  • Tremaine Cotter

Year 11

  • Saphron Scott
  • Hayley Long
  • Declan Bower Scott

Year 12

  • Chianne Long
Contributed by Bega High School published in 2015.