Language Program at Tathra Public School

Bega High School students and staff had the privilege of participating in a ten-week Aboriginal language and culture program at Tathra Public School.

Nine Aboriginal students had the opportunity to work with Graeme Moore, who taught the students the Dhurga language and passed on cultural information. Topics included significant sites, bush foods and medicines, family structures, counting, the seasons, weapons, dance, face markings and sports and games.

Bega High School students learned from Graeme and assisted him by passing on this information to primary students. Our students were fantastic role models and at all times mature, responsible and reliable. The primary students thoroughly enjoyed working with the high school students and especially enjoyed playing sports with them at lunch. Tom Francis and Durramuh Parsons had quite the following!

In highlight, the students learnt a number of traditional dances and then performed at the Tathra Public School book launch. Particular mention to Nic Hoskins and Kerry-Anne Perry for their efforts.

Our thanks to Margaret Taylor and principal Lisa Freedman at Tathra Public School for the invitation to the program, and to Graeme Moore who passed on his knowledge, shared his experiences, and encouraged and motivated participants.

Students involved were:

  • Tom Francis
  • Durramuh Parsons-Campbell
  • Kerry-Anne Perry
  • Rhiannon Chapman
  • Janaija Parsons
  • Nic Hoskins
  • Clyde Parsons-Campbell
  • Jarram Toomey
  • Matthew Parsons

Some words from the Dhurga Language:

  • Walawaani – hello
  • Cungara Binaan – listen with your ears
  • Murrah – hand
  • Noogle – nose
Story contributed by Jessica Harris from Bega High School. Published in 2015.